Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Mongolians are crazy

I left from Beijing to Mongol all alone. Why?

照片 450

Because forever alone la wtf hahahahaha! Nah, I went alone because I decided to see for once, how much shits I can endure. Besides, most of the time I like being alone.

Then I encountered all sorts of insanity in Mongol.

The Mongolian culture is totally different from ours. They spit when they eat. They shout when they talk. They FIGHT when they disagree wtf. Whenever I take a cab, the drivers like to scrutinise me for half a minute silently, before asking me deadly where I want to go.

Soon, when I was in a grassland, the air was like !@#$%^&*() frozen. mmexport1412159434253
Then after I left to the desert, the air burns like !@#$%^&*() but nobody handled the heat as cool as I did, since I'm THAT kid from the tropical region!照片 514

Just when I thought there would no longer be any obstacles in my way, I bought the wrong train ticket back to Beijing.

Which means I would have to STAND for 10 hours on the train all the way back fml.

After just 30 minutes during the ride, I decided that my butt needed a rest so I sat on the floor. Then pity me gosh, because these chinese have no sense of public cleanliness and after only about an hour of the ride, the train was so full of trash already. (not generalizing the whole population though)

I guess I did my best to enjoy the trip back. IMG_2353

So anyway shitty challenges and loud, scary Mongolians aside, I had so much fun in Mongol. Mainly because everything was so CHEAP haha I'm such a cheapskate backpacker.

Mongolians are fierce, aggressive and loud. They seemed really dangerous at first. After opening up, I realise how easy it was to get close to them. They told me stories about their cultures. How they cook little vegetables because they seem to always burn them. How their ancestors had to survive with nothing but only sheeps and horses in the desert.

I felt warmth in the midst of all conversations.

Last but no least, let the photos do some talking.

Hobq Desert.IMG_2494

With Wu, whom I met and went travelling with, in Mongol.照片 399

Sand sliding is the best game ever!IMG_2517

Ulanqab Highland Grassland. IMG_7854


I still miss the feeling of running wild with the wind and chasing after time...

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