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Italy 2014 Part 1

This entry should have been done 1 year ago. Today I thought I have to complete blogging about my stay in Italy before flying to Spain in June.

Prego Italy!

Italy is a peculiarly passionate country. Italians are so friendlyyyy and warm just like their climate! If you're cute you may get butt pinches while walking. They get even more excited if they find out that you can speak English and you're from US because many Italians migrated to New York wtf. Our mate told us this is how a typical Italian male expresses his admiration to a girl.

Ooouuuii you so kiut! Come home to see my Maa-ma
My maa-ma will lurv yuuu! <3

Somehow Italian males are very attached to their mothers. Apparently when a couple divorces, the mother almost takes the child's custody ALL THE TIME. Besides, child support for the man doesn't end when the child turns 18. Child support only ends when the child LEAVES the mother LOLOL wtf lucky dudes.

LOL what if the child stays with the mother until 40yo. Dads be paying them forever.

We left Switzerland and arrived in Pisa in the afternoon.

Pisa MUST-SEE: The Field Of Miracle

All the main tourist attraction of Pisa are gathered here, in the Piazzo dei Miracoli, the Field of Miracle.

The field of Miracle has 3 things. From left to right, the Pisa Baptistry, the Pisa Cathedral or Duomo in Italian, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The cathedral took 300 years to build because the design was difficult and halfway through the construction, a war started.

After building the cathedral, some Italians decided to build a baptistry to make babies christians. Then they realise the need of having a bell tower to wake everyone up for festivals or funerals. And the leaning tower is a bell tower.

After construction of 2 floor, somebody noticed that the bell tower was slanted to one side.

If you look carefully at the leaning tower, you would realise that the topmost part of the building is actually slightly straighter than the rest of the tower parts. Apparently a genius thought that by constructing the bell top part closer to the vertical straight line, it would put the rest of the tower straight too lol wtf.

Anyway there's a myth. If you're still a student in a university and yet to graduate, don't walk around the baptistry or you will fail your studies wtf. Not sure how true this is but for this reason, I didn't walk any closer to the baptistry fml.

So in short, if Pisa tower isn't leaning,

Nobody would go to Pisa wtf LOL

Oh, Galileo is from Pisa!

After leaving Pisa, we arrived at Florence.

Italy is a country where wives are responsible for every household chore and conveniently, take up ALL decision-makings lol. In a way, the role of a man at home is really small. Italian families are deeply bonded together. Most of the times when you gather all family members, the conversation tends to get so heated and they look like they are shouting at each other but actually they are just talking about the weather wtf -_-

Because mothers usually take up responsibility, most of the times the relationship between the mother and the daughter-in-law gets heated. When the mothers scold their sons they tend to go, 


LOLOLOL wtf. The only thing mothers and daughters-in-law agree about is FOOTBALL which is like the biggest entertainment in Italy.

Italy has this law in which all tourist groups must be assigned to a qualified guide who usually is at least a master or PhD holder in history LOL they will tell you about every single story they know about they city.

Florence MUST-SEE: 
1. Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, the Florence Cathedral

This cathedral, which took 100 years to build, is the prettiest and most colourful, but also the most unphotogenic cathedral I have ever seen in my life. It is hard to get an angle to include the entire building because the details of the carvings are so FINE and it is SO HUGE!!!

Anyway I was really shocked to find out that there's a city buried beneath Florence!


2. Piazza della Repubblica, the City Square of Florence
You can never go missing in Florence because it is built in such a way that it is rectangular with all 4 major roads leading up and intersecting at this square.

3. Palazzo Vecchio, the Town Hall of Florence, in Piazza della Signoria, the Square 

There are 2 statues in front of the town hall: Michelangelo's David on the left and Hercelus & Cacus on the right. 

Michelangelo's David is 6 tons heavy while Hercules killed Cacus the fire-belching monster.

3. Loggia dei Lanzi

Which is right beside the town hall. LOL the name sound like lansi wtf. There are about 8 statues in the gallery, one of which particularly caught my attention. 

It stood out as it was, unlike other marble statues, carved on bronze. It was Perseus holding up the head of Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini. 

4. Uffizi Gallery, a Florence Art Museum

5. Ponte Vecchio
There are shops on the bridge itself!!

Italians are different. Unlike French who drink coffee all day long, Italians take coffee shots and drink for a minute and ciao! Which is why their coffee is called expresso wtf lol.

Anyway, in Italy, enquire more info prior to booking an accomodation in especially small towns. This is because some suburbs are unofficially run by MAFIAS, yes they still exist, especially in southern Italy. Towns like this have exit and entrance time limit. If you don't follow unwritten rules like this you'd probably be stuck in the town forever wtf lol. 

Here comes a photo of me with the entire Florence having my back ;)

Perdono for my small Asian eyes.

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